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Frank Dowling

My academic background started with specialising in modern languages at school, following which I spent 10 years at university, reading German at the University of Surrey in England and Business Studies at the Free University in West Berlin.   While studying in Surrey I qualified as a German - English translator.

My main hobby is sailing, and I am an active member of my local yacht club where I qualified as a sailing instructor.  For some years I was active in motor sport but gave it up as being too time-consuming and expensive.  I am a keen skier and in my spare time I enjoy photography and listening to classical music.

The greatest moment in my life was undoubtedly my very fortuitous presence in West Berlin on the 9th November 1989 when the Berlin Wall 'fell', and the following weekend.  I cannot begin to describe what I felt:   it was mind-blowing.  A wonderful feeling, but one I hope there will never again be a need for people to experience.

And yes, I do have several genuine pieces of "The Wall" which I collected myself - not lumps of concrete from a local builder's yard which were painted and sold by dubious vendors for extortionate prices!

Also, for some years I have been a qualified guide for the city of Canterbury and its cathedral.  More recently I qualified as a tour guide for South East England.  For further details click on the link at the top of this page.

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